Brexit Day Countdown

After three and a half years, Britain finally left the EU at 11:00pm on 31st January 2020.

Pinned News Item – 21/11/2019

Today in Westminster we launched our Contract with The People, outlining the pledges we are standing on in this General Election.

Our Contract with The People makes clear that a Clean-Break Brexit is the key to changing Britain for good, giving us immediate control of our laws, borders, money, fishing and defence. It sets out our priorities, from starting a political revolution to cutting the cost of living — and investing in the future.

Most of the policies we have announced to date have quickly been stolen by the mainstream parties – so, expect to see these pledges reproduced elsewhere. Accept no imitations!

Please read our Contract with The People – and sign it to show your support. Click the button below to go to our website now.

There can be no real Brexit without The Brexit Party. And we can only do it with your support.



“Our Brexit Bugs escaped their cage last night and have been spotted in the City of Chester. We need to know they all have safe homes.” 

If you find one please take it home and let us know it is safe!! There are few things worse than being HOMELESS.

“Send a picture of your rescued bug to one of the sites below and for every photo posted on either




We will donate £2.00 to CATH Chester Aid  to The Homeless

There are 3 bugs that are particularly rare.

They have buttons on 

If you find one with 1 button on then CATH gets £5.00 AND YOU get £ 5.00 **

 If you find one with 2 buttons on then CATH gets £10.00 AND YOU  get £ 10.00  **

 If you find one with 3 buttons on then CATH gets £25.00 AND YOU  get £ 25.00  **

** Photos MUST be shared on one of the above to win.

The Prize offer ends @ midnight on 12 December 2019 after which time the equivalent amount of money for the 3 rare bugs will go to CATH.

Happy hunting!!

The Brexit Party Chester  


Read this fascinating interview with our candidate Andy Argyle:


Great day!!

Street convoy Runcorn, Widnes, Weaver Vale, Halton, Chester!

Great response!


Strong messages in the Standard this week.

Surprise Drop-in On Some of the Team

Brexit Party Championing Democracy

Andy Argyle’s full response to Diana Wilderspin-Jones letter published in the Chester Standard.

I write in reply to the letter published on Thursday, November 28th 2019 from Diana Wilderspin-Jones. Titled “Brexit Party damaging democracy”

The letter opened by asking me for a specific explanation and I will aim to reply directly to all your points. Firstly The Brexit Party was not borne out of frustration with the EU. That debate was undertaken in 2016 in which 17.4 Million people, 52% of the votes cast voted to LEAVE the European Union (EU.)  and that certainly was a vote of no confidence in the undemocratic, federalist direction of the EU. The Brexit Party was actually borne out of a sheer frustration of “OUR OWN GOVERNMENT and PARLIAMENT” who failed to embrace this democratic vote and instead felt they knew better.

The party structure seems to be of great concern to people outside of the party, like yourself, but it is working for us. It is extraordinary that The Brexit Party Candidates stand proud of what we have achieved in such a short space of time, and comfortable with our structure. We have not felt the need to vote on our leadership as we stand shoulder to shoulder with our leader and our leader stands shoulder to shoulder with us. Something the other parties envy. However it is without doubt that as our representation grows in parliament so to, our structure will evolve.

As you say yourself we meet the requirements of the Electoral Commission Rules.

Your statement that supporters have “no way of contributing to policy decisions” is simply untrue. Our supporters have been directly asked for policy contributions and these have helped to form our policies. I myself sat for 2 hours engaged in 1-2-1 policy meetings with supporters at our event in Southport and then was required to summarise these and present them DIRECTLY the policy making team. We have many “well-known Brexit supporters of high prominence” at all levels of our party so it is hard for me to decipher and respond to this question referring to one person without them being named.

To your final point. How do The Brexit Party advance democracy I would say this…. We stand to change the first past the post system. There is no better an example of democracy than this given that we know that on the 13th December when we wake up, it is highly likely more than half the voters will NOT have voted for the party that is in government. We stand to offer the voters a “citizens initiative” to allow people to call a referenda if a sensible threshold is reached, to give them Direct power to take action, and we would also to ensure that MPs who switch parties, are subject to a recall petition and have to go back to their constituents under a by election to regain a mandate.

I trust I have addressed your questions but I would be happy to engage with you more deeply should you wish to if you contact me on my email

Andy Argyle

City of Chester Candidate for the Brexit Party

Nigel & The Brexiteer Factory:

Our tour continued yesterday with Nigel paying a visit to see the production of ‘The Brexiteer’

Find out more…


We had a serious message to share that we stand to change politics for good ! But we also spread a bit of Christmas colour and fun at the Chester Business Club.


A really enjoyable morning in Buckley with ⁦Claire Fox, Nigel Farage,  and some of the outstanding candidates standing for ⁦The Brexit Party in Wales!

Let’s get the job done and ‘Change Politics for Good’ ⁦


A pleasure to have hosted Claire Fox today who gave us an interesting insight into her experiences as an MEP and a very balanced view of politics and the build up to the General Election ! ⁦

She is a true advocate of free speech and democracy.

CHESTER SLEEPOUT 29/11/19 – 30/11/19

For 4 of the last 5 years I have taken part in the Chester “CATH” annual sleepout, to raise awareness and much needed funds to help the homeless. I have found that I have a lot of additional exposure because I am standing as a candidate and wanted to maximise this opportunity to help raise as much as I can for this great cause. If you feel you are able to donate however big or small every penny will be most gratefully received.

Please visit my “just giving” page by clicking the link below or by going straight on to my just giving page.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I look forward to any support you may be able to give.

Kind regards

Andy Argyle – Brexit Party Candidate – City of Chester


Full page in “The Standard” 28/11/19

Please help us and cut this page out, and display it in your window.

Thank You !!



“Full steam ahead for deliveries of the Brexit Party newsletter ‘The Brexiteer, Special Edition’. Yet another bag hits the streets!”

Contributed by Tom O. (Team A)


23rd November – Andy says; “Conversation ongoing when I walked into local newsagents. Summary was; Corbyn has no spine to make a decision and sitting on the fence. Not good when you need a leader to be strong and stand up for his beliefs”


A great evening in Chester for the Christmas tree light switch on…

22nd November – Andy says;  “Local resident who voted to remain in the EU said “she does not know what to do with her vote” having voted for the Lib Dems since Paddy Ashdowns day she could not bring herself to vote for Jo Swinson since they have said they said that even if another referendum was a vote to leave she would still stand to revoke article 50″

The latest edition of our The Brexiteer arrived today so we will be busy getting 25,000 out over the next few days.

Our candidate for the Brexit Party in the City of Chester, Andy Argyle, is seen here at the Launch of the Brexit Party Campaign which was held in central London.

Andy Says 

“The event was a great opportunity to meet all the other candidates and to hear such a positive vision of Post Brexit Britain” from our Leader Nigel Farage and Party Chairman Richard Tice (both also seen at the center of the photograph) as well as really inspiring talks from some of our MEPs. The Brexit Party had more MEPs elected to take the message to the EU that Britain Voted LEAVE and LEAVE is what we will do.”

 The article was covered in many papers including 

The Guardian
The Express
The I

Lots of volunteers come forward to help in his campaign. Superb hosting by Andy and his team. Everyone went away motivated and very upbeat. Well done 👏🏻

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