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Introducing Andy Argyle...
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The Brexit Party Parliamentary Candidate standing as a proud born and bred Cestrian in The City of Chester "Changing Politics For Good"

Andy argyle

I have spent 20 years as a successful businessman offering employment locally.

I started out as an apprentice joiner and am now Director my own marketing business with my brother.

Active campaigner on many local issues from saving our Football Club (Chester) and historic amphitheatre to supporting the LGBT+ community (2 years ago took part in our local pride parade). Fighting against racism and bullying of all kinds. I sleep rough once a year to raise awareness and money for the homeless but there is so much more to do.

Campaigned to leave the EU in the referendum 2016 and am now Candidate for The Brexit Party in the City of Chester.


“I am genuinely delighted that Andy Argyle has been selected as a PPC for the City of Chester which – together with Cheshire West – voted by 50.7% to leave the EU in June 2016.”

For many years ran youth groups of various sizes to help promote a better society and give young people activities to challenge them. I set up and ran a marching band (Ghost Drum and Bugle Corps) that competed at many levels, including the world championships and gave an interest to hundreds of local children and families.

I created a Character which was used worldwide to raise awareness of the dangers to children playing on building sites, which undoubtedly saved lives. And I have run awareness programmes for young children being influenced by, or attracted to hard drugs in an effort to deter them.

Local roots in Chester through generations and I understand my City and its people. My Grandfather was Chairman of Chester Football Club (Sam Argyle) and this has led to an upbringing of pride in my City and my Country and respect for ALL people.

A strong libertarian that loves his family, City, Country, Europe and our planet but believe we are better as a sovereign nation outside of the EU.

I am a passionate believer that politics can and should be so much better than what we see today.

I have been involved in many local groups and causes over most of my life. These include organising protests to excavate the 2nd half of our Amphitheatre 30 years ago (a campaign still being fought today) and campaigning to save the skateboard park in Chester, which I spent a whole summer as a kid helping to build, manually filling sand bags.

I was a member of and then ran my local Scout group for many years. 

I have many interest from DIY to historic vehicles (owning a 1963 Beach Buggy and 1974 VW old style camper van). I love visiting the lakes, I love gardening and am also very active with VW festivals etc. taking the family on great fun weekends in the camper van. I love music and have been to 18 of the 21 V Festivals. 

My school days were deeply troubled due to bullying and this affected my studies, so I did not do well in my GCSE O Levels and got only just above average in my back up CSE exams. However I have never seen this as something to hold me back.

My experiences of bullying means this is an area I would passionately campaign about if I was elected as your MP, as I know first-hand how damaging bullying can be and also know to what length individuals (me being one of them) go to, to hide it from their friends and family because of the shame you feel and how unimportant and subservient you are made to feel. 

WELL NOT ANY MORE. Now I would like to be a voice for ALL victims of bullying of ANY KIND.

I believe in Europe and the European people BUT NOT in the Political vanity project of the ever expanding E.U. We should have sovereignty and the ability to vote our politicians in and out as we see fit, in the knowledge that they will act for the country and NOT for the twisted federalist agenda of the E.U. 

I believe this is our chance to re-write politics from start to finish. 

We need to radically look at how politics works and how the gap between politicians and the people can be closed and the country made great again so that the GREAT truly has meaning when it is put in front of the word BRITAIN.

Thank you for taking the time to read a little bit about me.

I now hope if elected as your MP that I will have the chance to find out much more about YOU and what YOU want from your representative in parliament.

Andy Argyle

The Brexit Party standing in the City of Chester on Thursday 12th December 2019


The Brexit Party was launched in April 2019 to make sure that the UK leaves the EU – and to change British politics for good.

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We’re active in the city. Doing what we can to help make the City of Chester the best place to live, work and visit.

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